October 30

I want a nerf gun

Dear parents

I want a nerf gun and i will clean my room if you buy a nerf gun because its cool,amazing and fantastic.99% i would ,wash the dishes, wash the toilet and cook the food.If i don’t get a nerf gun i would not live with you and i will lock my self in jail.So please,please,please buy me a nerf gun.

From your son pj

October 14


PJ on holidays to meet his new cousin.

school holidays will be very PJ is going with his family
packed for 9 year old PJ as members.”I’m going with my
he goes on a trip to see his Mum,Dad,my two brothers,my
new cousin. three sisters to Melbourne.”
“PJ is looking forward to this PJ is going to meet his new
trip.I’m very exited about cousin.”I’m really exited
this trip to Melbourne.It about meeting my cousin in
should be great.” Melbourne,which i have
never met before

October 5


On the holidays i went to lunapark in Melbourne.We had a fun time there with my family and cousin.We went on 7 rides and it took 2 hours to get to Melbourne.We went to my cousins house to stay for two nights.We didn’t know that they had a PS3 so we played on it and cool and fun